Saturday, August 4, 2007

Welcome to the Future

I thought I'd give you a day off from compiling your own list of robot-related news. Here are Google's favorites for today:

Tiny robots communicate with each other via blinking lights
How to make an edible robot out of rice krispie treats
Robot Porn (self-explanatory)
Human robot
Surprise! Robots have no sense of humor
Machine gun toting robots
Daft Punk release robot movie about robots driving cross-country in a Ferrari
Scary rapping Chuck-E-Cheese bots


Bryce said...

Robots have no sense of humor? Clearly, whomever wrote that article has never used a computer. (I count computers as robots too, because they'll all enslave us in the end.) Or even simply watched someone burned by a toaster (again - they're robots too.)

margot said...

I actually went to two robot stores yesterday.

Ben said...

Awesome, thanks Alice. Glad someone is keeping up with this stuff. Otherwise some day we're going to wake up to a beautiful spring day only to find that the robots have taken over during the night and have become our vicious overlords. Constant vigilance is the only way to protect ourselves. So thanks.

Anonymous said...