Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Am Testing a New Feature


Which means you can watch this commercial for a tv show that no longer exists except in the hearts of its fans. Of which I am one. Aw.

Tell me, did this take a long time to load? If not, I am going to have fun with this feature.


Karen said...

it didn't take long to load, and it is great.

Cold Bacon said...

awesome. yeah, even if it is a longer thing, the customer can still just click pause and then let if buff by itself while you read something else for a minute. then it's ready to go. people are smart. they figure these things out. and connection speeds are always getting faster. so you can just plod ahead with such things and assume some day everything will work out.

Bryce said...

loaded instantly. gosh, i sure miss that show. they just don't show it enough.

Cold Bacon said...

you can get them all on netflix.