Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shopper's Lament

Anyone know what happened to the Post-War classical section at Academy Records? A few months ago, there were probably 200 discs; last week, fewer than 50. And why is the Living Composers section so skimpy and, well, weird? Are people less willing to part with their aspirational purchases (still struggling over this one - thanks, Alex) or is it simply not worth the shelf-space? With Tower out, Downtown Music Gallery moving (we hope), and now this, it's a pretty sad scene for the five of us still buying CDs. At least there's J&R.

On a related note, I was amused to see Chopin and Tokyo noise-God Merzbow back to back in the used Experimental Music bin at Other Music over the weekend. I'd try a mash-up (Merzerka, anyone?) if I had the time and means, but alas, counterpoint calls. Later.


MCW said...

FYE across from Radio City has closed it's doors as well. It's sad but CD's are the new 8 tracks/cassette tapes. They are on the road to being obsolete.

The Recording Industry probably dislikes Apple for it's invention of the ipod.

Peter said...

I feel your pain: When I visited there about three weeks ago, one of the longtime workers there wasn't really sure, but guessed that the people who have the CD's aren't selling. I think it's probably more that those that don't aren't buying, but whatever. Sad, because I must have bought a good 300 CD's from Academy over the years, much of which was Postwar.