Monday, April 7, 2008

Other People's Stuff (with Gnomic Commentary)

Sorry. Tough to get back to blogging after a long break. Real content to come. . .

Radiohead's "Bangers & Mash" on Pitchfork TV
Yorke on drums looks cool, but adds nada

Steve Smith on Ace Frehley
And Schoenberg on his playlist - I love this guy

Kim Deal on new Breeders, old Malkmus
Let the 90s go

Andrew Bird on work-in-progress
Brave description of creative process; song sounds dubious

"Smoke" in Asia (via Do the Math)
Pentatonic scale goes full circle

Hank Shteamer on Simon's Capeman
And five AACM records in the post just before it - I love this guy

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Karen said...

Andrew Bird's blog is really well written.