Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been wondering about Toronto ever since I learned urban philosopher Jane Jacobs forsook her beloved New York to move there in 1968. Now I find out some crazy jugendlicher has been tagging walls around Corktown "Gustav Mahler?" Sign me up!


alice said...

dude, you are such a dork.

jav said...

this is great. whether it is a jugenlicher or an altere person hoping to remind people of what (good) classical music is, it does make one wonder why they opted for mahler over some other classical composer (obtruse, but not too obtruse?). or, it could be some punk who is unfamiliar with the music but likes the name ... either way, would Jacobs consider this sort of behavior to fall within the pattern of Moral Syndrome A or Moral Syndrome B?

Anonymous said...

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