Saturday, June 23, 2007


Could someone please explain this article to me? I am totally lost. How would Janet Reno go about creating a 50 track compilition album featuring Danielson and Andrew Bird? Who is the target audience for 50 songs about the history of America? So many questions.

Last time I heard the words Janet Reno and music uttered in the same breath it was in this bizarre song by (female rapper) Arquette.


Ben said...

I even followed the link and read the entire story on Pitchfork, and I still have no idea what this is about. Are these bands re-rerecording old songs, or making up new ones, or what? And what exactly is Janet Reno's role in all of it? And is it just me, or is Janet Reno someone whose looks would really benefit from old age?

MCW said...

Clinton adminstration people tend to eschew politics for other interests after governing as a way to de-tox from the Clinton years. Just look at Al Gore. He decided to pursue his environmental gig and write a book about the Assault on Reason.