Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bringing Back the Middleman

Yesterday, Jake told me to check out the new Liars song posted on Pitchfork. I said, "Okay." What I should have told him was "tell it to the blog." Then we would have had something posted yesterday. So I am telling you now, Jake. If you want to talk to me about non-embarrassing, music-related stuff, can you just do it here? Because then I won't have to go on gTalk so often.

Now you only have 24 (or fewer) hours to listen to this track, which I suggest you do. It's good, and is making me excited for their new album (called just, "Liars," which I don't really appreciate because that gets confusing, and if you came up with titles for all the rest, why not title this one, or do you think this one will suddenly define you as a band, because if you do, it probably won't).

Here is the tracklisting for Liars, out August 28th:

1) Plaster Casts of Everything
2) Houseclouds
3) Leather Prowler
4) Sailing to Byzantium
5) What Would They Know
6) Cycle Time
7) Freak Out
8) Pure Unevil
9) Clear Island
10) The Dumb in the Rain
11) Protection

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