Thursday, June 7, 2007

Unzipping the Famous Blue Raincoat

After two enjoyable, but hopeless attempts to decipher the cryptic "Famous Blue Raincoat" (see Karen's comment), I turn to Google.

Wiki great as always.

See also the extremely thorough Christoph Hereld who expounds on lyrics and music!

God bless the Internet and the good souls who know so very much more than I.


Karen said...

I know the Warnes version. I assumed the speaker was a woman.

Karen said...

PS. That picture is NOT a famous blue raincoat!

derby said...

I lived in London for 6 years and I swear you can spot an American a mile away, because 9/10 they are wearing a north face jacket...hence why I will never own one. Or as the British would probably peg you as.."The stupid American in the anorak!" To make reference to Alice's favourite band, I would have to say the Super Furry Animals are one of the only groups of people not surrounded by snow that I would welcome seeing in that "famous blue raincoat" aka anorak.