Thursday, June 7, 2007

What are we putting in our mouths?

Sometimes I like to visit this site. Call me morbid, but this is informative stuff*:

You probably only have a one in 5,005,564 chance of dying due to exposure to hot tap water this year. However, you are ten times less likely to die from a spider bite. So could you please quit killing spiders and start checking your water gauge?

You are almost five times as likely to die choking on a random non-food object than you are to choke on actual food.

You are twice as likely to kill yourself as you are to die in some sort of assault.

The average American has a one in 331 chance of shooting themselves to death at some point in his/her life, compared to a one in 15,565 chance of being shot by someone else. Maybe we should put a few more resources towards mental health care.

*These statistics are specific to U.S. residents. Sorry if they don't apply to you, but that may be a good thing.

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