Monday, June 18, 2007


Jake and I need to get some stuff done today, that's why we have been so absent.

I wish I had something to write about. I sort of hate blogs, because people tend to talk about what's on their mind, like you care. For instance, I can tell you how I stepped on a nail yesterday, and it produced more blood than I've ever seen outside of a vial. This totally has nothing to do with you, but it lets you think about blood. Luckily, this blog is all about me, and I like blood because it's a very nice color. I took a photo of all of it and I will totally post it to the blog once I get the pictures developed.

See? This is why blogs suck.

Jake (yeah, I like to say his name a lot) may have mentioned Tropicalia earlier, but I don't think he did other than show it on his playlist for a few days. I know nothing about it, so I hope he comes on here and tells us some interesting things about Brazilian psychedelica. I did download the first album by Os Mutantes the other day, and am enjoying it quite a bit. When I first heard the song "Trem Fantasma" I thought to myself, "this sounds like Dungen." Which is a stupid thing to say. It's like listening to The Velvet Underground and saying "this sounds like Sonic Youth." Or something stupid like that.

Are you following what I'm saying? No? Jake, please bail me out here.


Karen said...

I wonder why people always say I thought to myself; instead of I thought--.

alice said...

funny you mention it, because i intially just wrote "i thought" but it didn't seem quite right. maybe because i didn't want to convey that i was thinking out loud, but that doesn't actually make sense.

Bryce said...

Aha, Os Mutantes! I am so very in love with them at the moment. Any band that could make the 13th Floor Elevators look completely normal is a-ok in my book.

Kevin said...

Uh, Jake. Your latest playlist is incorrect in one glaring way. Can you name it?