Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Never Too Late

Just in time for the, er, week after Pride Week, this touching story about the world's oldest tenor celebrating his 105th birthday and getting hitched to a partner of two decades.

Lovely story, but can you believe a) the usually progressive Swiss just got around to legalizing civil unions or b) anyone could contemplate sending this sweet old guy to the devil?

"Most people were happy for us," he said, "though a few promised us 15,000 years in hell."

Thoughts, MCW?

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MCW said...

My only comment is the following: What religion would have a sentence on hell time? 15,000 years? Most religions say you either go to hell or you don't. It's not like jail where you can eventually get out. The people who condemned this man and his partner to hell should re-evaluate their own lives. Thankfully, God will be the final judge, not humans. That is good news for all of us.