Friday, June 22, 2007

I guess you shouldn't base your baby's name on how easy it will be to txt it.

Baby names that correspond to places, and their rank on a list of the top 1000 names given to kids born in the U.S. in 2006:

Savannah (30)
Sydney (34)
Brooklyn (67)
Jordan (97)
Cheyenne (171)
Dakota (191)
Paris (260)
Georgia (273)
Carolina (281)
Aurora (312)
Asia (332)
London (353)
America (458)
Phoenix (816)

Austin (41)
Jordan (46)
Dakota (172)
Trenton (192)
Zion (266)
Dallas (352)
Orlando (356)
Dayton (540)
Boston (626)
London (638)
Houston (837)
Memphis (923)

Why so many Texan ones, and why does this not surprise me at all? Also, there are more girl place names than boy and I don't really get how you determine the sex of a place name.

The Registry of Births in New Zealand denied the name "4real" recently because they don't accept names beginning with numbers. Do they accept names not beginning with numbers, but including them, I wonder?

What do you think the worst name to give a kid would be (besides Adolf Hitler or Saloth Sar, please)? Humbert Humbert? Poop? Boston??

By the way, Jacob was #1 on the boys list last year and Alice was #383 on the girls.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the kid named Shh-teed?

Spelled: S-h-i-t-h-e-a-d.

MCW said...

Imagine if babies were named after genres of music. Here are some examples:

Rock B. Soul
Reggae Soul
Jazz B. Blues
Classical C. Jazz
Rap D. Funk

Kevin said...

Alice, kudos on your very cool posts. Tell your partner in crime to write something, too!

Karen said...

My mother once knew someone named Teddy Baer.

margot said...

The girls' names all sound like stripper names.