Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Manitoba - Handsome Dick = Dan Snaith

I have been taking Jake's last post to heart today, and decided to mostly listen to the same album instead of being so spastic about things. I chose something I know I like, but haven't had much of a chance to sit down and listen to a lot because something went wrong with my computer when I ripped the CD, causing extremely loud bursts of white noise to interject themselves at random points during songs. Extremely unpleasant when you have the volume turned up loud on your ipod to fight off subway noises. So first, I had to download a new copy.

So today is all about The Milk of Human Kindness by Caribou. Caribou is mostly a one-man band in recordings, but he has people help him out on tour. That way there can be two drummers, because things tend to be better when there are more and louder drums (unless you are called Modest Mouse and you have two drummers at your live show for seemingly no reason and you sort of waste all that coolness because maybe you've gone in over your head because you already have the coolness of Johnny Marr. Not to bash Modest Mouse, because I think they're great).

It would be nice if I could tell you why to like this band, but I'm not particularly good at that. Plus, you can trust your own judgment so if you have a few minutes please check out their videos (below). In order to describe them I might have to resort to lazy tactics, like comparing them (um, I mean, "him") to other musicians. No one likes that. People also don't like math. This is how I'm going to describe them though, because Dan Snaith aka Caribou probably does like math, as he has a PhD in it. Neutral Milk Hotel + Olivia Tremor Control + Boards of Canada - Apples in Stereo + more drums - Georgia + Ontario = Caribou.


Here is another one that has words and things:



Karen said...

I identify with her!

alice said...

the woman who lives with the giant man-child?