Monday, June 4, 2007

In answer to your questions, Jacob

Yes, and Yes.

Even my mom seemed to notice an incongruity here. Tuts (sometimes called "Tits" by wandering drunk fratboys and 2am. So clever!) is the butt of most jokes at the Orchard St. apartment. Apparently we aren't that creative and think we're cooler than we are, because after all, who lives across the street from that classy joint? Not to mention next door to the Thompson hotel monstrosity.

But I'm a Californian and don't really care if the Lower East Side isn't cool and secret and special anymore. There are plenty of worthwhile things walking distance from Tuts, more than any other city I know of, so I have better things to complain about.


Emma said...

maybe next they'll write about williamsburg and how hip it's becoming....

alice said...

wait, what is with the use of incongruity again. oops.

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